The Judgemental Teens

It’s over a decade I passed college, and figured life is like a gaming arcade – it’s up-to us individually whether we beat the target or we meet the target !


And caught up in the middle of life’s complete hustle bustle, Saturday comes as a much awaited relief. To entertain extended family on the same day, get’s my eyes rolling all the way up ^^ . But in my endeavour to be a more social and approachable person I agreed.

So we were expecting a group of 4-5 ladies nearing there 50’s and a sharp contrast were their accompanying kids all  in their late teens or early 20’s. Phew .. that’s a deadly combination because I was stuck in the middle trying to ensure everyone was well entertained.

The ladies took off on their favourite trip of small talk’s, the kaam waali bai, the big fat weddings, daughter’s mother in law… blah blah blah. I was almost slipping down my chair wishing my iPhone would just suck me up into the world of candy crush because that; would have been a happier place at that very moment … not home ! To my utter relief one of my younger cousins a 19-year-old B.Sc student suggested we step out while the grown-ups chat … now it was my mom’s turn to roll her eyes up ^^ at me – but trust me I would have ignored that look even if Satan would have asked me out then.


I jumped and grabbed the opportunity and we parked ourselves at a cafe close to home, ordered some drinks and a hookah. To my horror, these kids had already passed almost 5 judgemental remarks. I found myself in a spot ! These kids were judging me … ha

But why … !?!

I wondered why, and kept the show going … is it the age difference ? No that’s old school. Was it because I declined a drink during the day after having poori-aalo at home ? No because I was still doing hookah. Was I dressed to conservatively ? Hell, I don’t care ! Still I wanted to know what lead them to accuse me with, ” what’s wrong with you, you have become an Aunty !” Let me remind you the word Aunty is almost like a social stigma in our society when refereed with a bit of mockery.

I am used to being called AUNTY, my daughter is 7 years old and a whole bunch of little angels have been calling me aunty and it never sounded out of context until that day ! So after all the ha ha he he and talks about life plans,start-up, travel, parties, new cafe’s, metro, family Watsapp groups … I asked why have you been going on and on with your AUNTY rant ? Why ?

And the answer was ” I don’t know, aren’t you suppose to be one. You have a kid, you entertain grown-ups and we are kind of confused if you are cool or not because we don’t know much about your life.”

Huh ??download

I gulped down my annoyance and asked whats your definition of cool ? And the answer was “Well, people who party, drink & smoke, travel, and party and drink, and travel, and party and drink and have a good-looking partner … who are interesting to follow on Instagram and Facebook and who have lots of friends – are cool. “

What about work ? I asked.

“Yeah that also, but then what’s the rush dad can provide !” was the answer I got.



Who led them to believe that ? Easy answers :

  • T.V.
  • Social media
  • School
  • Peer’s
  • They are too young must be joking !
  • haan toh what’s wrong with that, all this is for them only !


and back to the discussion ….


At the risk of being permanently categorised “boring & aunty types” I explained to them that it is important to maintain a balance and the one who manages to make a living and then wisely plans savings/expenses is cool not the one who expects daddy to pay for parties and travel even after holding a graduate or higher degree !

“Hmm… but whats wrong with asking dad for a Gucci bag ! I mean it’s just dad ” was the response of these young kids who had been deeply influenced in a manner which had led them to believe it was okay to be a climber rather than a tree. They planned their lives assuming the support was their to take not their’s to provide.

Speechless at their ignorance, I  let the subject change and we came back to their aspirational talks about investing in Start-ups and launching NGO’s and the upcoming Goa holiday, Justin Bieber Mumbai concert and whose doing what in their circles …

… And I was as bored in this young circle as I was at home with the ladies ! I chose to reserve my advise for my daughter and took a deep drag off, of the hookah hose … paan and mint my all time favourites.


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