This is where I draw the line

I am a Today parent. Yes I pamper my child, yes I am not overtly strict, yes I give-in often, yes I don’t always say No … but I know where to 


Isn’t that what #parenting is all about 

#Life has changed, parenting has changed and so has childhood. I was very fortunate to grow up in a joint family with all the ladies of the house being home makers, always around to fully dedicate themselves to the house and to the

children. It’s not the same anymore. It’s a conscious decision I have made as an individual and as a parent. I can’t be physically available for my kid always. I have responsibilities, but I am not guilty of not being their for her in person. I am their for her at beck and call and she knows that. She is aware of my omnipresence, I am not exaggerating … I have created that safe  an environment for my kid. And I am very proud of it.

It wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my family, but most of all it wouldn’t have been possible without my daughters understanding, strong will & trust. My daughter is only 7 ! So when a child that age ( she was not even 2 when I resumed work), shows so much maturity why as a parent I should not be able to reciprocate. Life is as tough for her as is for me. Her challenges are as big as mine and at the end of the day she deserves to be rewarded with the freedom of “being her own age”, in the era that she was born. I am okay with her throwing a tantrum or two, or insisting on a extra minutes jumping on the bed ! I am okay indulging in treats on the weekends, I understand the occasional outburst too !

9f2c6b5074dacb468ebe47b5578dd175But I still say I know where to draw the line ! I had boundaries as a kid, as a teenager and I have boundaries even today as an adult. This is life … human life – we live with boundaries, we live in boundaries and it completely makes sense but only when you grow up, you can see that ! Now don’t expect a child to never cry for a new barbie she saw on TV, it’s not her fault the advertisement are made so enticing … we had only 30 minutes of TV time on weekdays and the advertising network was not that strong back then ! So their challenges are different; don’t make the same boundaries.

And oh, we were allowed to run out to the streets at sharp 5:00 pm without being bothered about anything else in the world – for 2 hours straight. Bike rides, hide and seek, kho-kho we have done it all and more. I don’t send my daughter out of the house without the supervision of an adult family member, it’s not her fault that today our society is not safe for kids to play on the streets. So whats the alternative – indoor activities, play-zones, play-dates, gaming zones, movies, malls, activity classes, sports clubs or maybe a new toy !!!

then-and-now-photos-11Our babies were born in a different era, we became parents in a different stage. So let’s give each other the space and let’s not judge. What’s right for me might not be right for you, but think again what you see as good parenting might be caging for me. As long as we raise responsible, educated, aware, respecting, appreciating and happy human being we are doing good.

Ask yourself, can we survive without the gadgets today, can we raise a kids without #Google assistance today, can you find a house without using Google maps, can you do homework without looking up answers online or wake up without an alarm ? Can you calculate without using your phone or do you remember your best friends mobile number ? Can you recollect the birthdays and anniversaries of everyone you wish on #Facebook without Facebook actually reminding you ???

quote-good-parents-give-their-children-roots-and-wings-roots-to-know-where-home-is-wings-to-jonas-salk-52-27-93Computer Ed starts in school in grade 1, and I assure you my kid knew #Chrome much before that. I am not guilty, I taught her well. Let’s accept digital is very much part of our lives and it’s here to stay. So lets not judge based on how many #gadgets our kids can operate.

You wanna still judge, judge by the way a kid wishes the teachers, or stands up to offer an elderly their seat. Judge by the knowledge that a kid gained watching a cooking video on #YouTube and baked her mom a birthday cake. Judge, by the #DIY craft learnt on FB, which made for a beautiful weekend family activity. Judge, Judge, Judge by all means if you have to… but I hope it’s not just to discuss on a #watsapp group you created.

kids-are-smart-dont-underestimate-their-bull-detector-contemporary-kids-have-access-to-a-lot-of-information-so-dont-even-try-to-fool-them-i-have-never-been-more-nervous-about-my-researchLead by an example
, detach yourself from your gadgets and head to the mountains, switch off your mobiles and build a sand castle, hear the waves crashing and memorize the giggles, snap the happy feet, plunge in the deep blue sea … but don’t do it to just post it online 🙂 because they can tell, and they are always watching.

I know where to draw the line; I am not judging you. Do you know where to draw the line ? 


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