I am shocked

I am shocked and I am writing because I am unable to communicate my shock in any other way.

You would laugh thinking I am silly, but I am shocked because I just read an India Actor Mr. Vinod Khanna passed away today – April 27, 2017.

He was a very senior artist and was a super star much before I was even conceived in my mothers womb. At 70 he scummed to death. I am not shocked because I am an ardent fan, no I am not. He had the #swag many years ago, that most youngsters only talk and sing about now. He was part of the “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” in #Bollywood. A personality I didn’t know in person or followed as a fan, but the positive energy his smile and appearance brought on screen was just so touching.

I feel that, “someone’s loss is always someone else’s gain.” When at the peak of his career Mr. Khanna quit the film industry to follow #Osho for 5 years, Mr. Amitabh Bachchan gained from the opportunity and became the #superstar. In my opinion it wouldn’t have been possible any other way. It’s #destiny – it’s about being at the right place at the right time ! And it’s about taking life with salt and a slice of lime.

I am shocked because it seems it was just too sudden. Their was no heads up – no preparatory time given to accept his frailing health. It feel’s like a loss ! 

You know the feeling of helplessness and being small and insignificant – the feeling that you get when reality strikes. Like hey “Life happens when we are busy making plans”, & “Death happens  when … whenever it’s planned”




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