Declutter – The “Aurgasm”

So I met this young fellow , and he started sharing stuff about OTHER people’s lives !!

Him : You know whats happening in Abhi’s life, and his girlfriends… OMG..

Me : Hmmm..hmm

Him : And you know my dad’s brother’s son, he apparently ….(blah blah blah) how can they be such fools, what a dumb guy.

Me : Hmmm..

Him : Aur kya ho raha hai (what else is happening)aur

Me : With whom ? Me? Nothing the same old- balancing home and work; a little bit of travel that’s it . You tell me whats new in your life ?

Him : I’am really sorted, I have it all planned, I am launching a start-up with some friends soon, I am an entrepreneur at heart I’ll make it big soon…. You’ll see …!


Aur kya ho raha hai !

Me : Nice, so what’s your business plan ? You must share it with me, it should be interesting to see what a young mind like yours is upto !

Him : Yeah okay ! We have a loaded investor to back our project- it’s all sorted.

Aur kya ho raha hai ?

Me : Aur kuch nahi ho raha ! Tu bata, what do you want to know ?

Him : You are kind of a suspense, not sure you are cool or serious types – to decode you I want to know more about your life, so tell me aur kya ho raha hai ?

Me : Why are you so interested in knowing whats happening in my life. I am not bothered which category of person you put me in, why should I be disclosing any more to you than you already know. You are wasting your time gossiping about others. How does it matter to you whats happening in a relatives life or in a friends-family or any place else that’s not directly related to know?

Him : Aren’t you inquisitive to know what going on in other peoples life ? Pata hona chahea ! It makes routine life interesting. Aise kaise you don’t want to know about others. I want to know about others.

Me : Why would I overload myself with issues, stresses and incidences of other peoples lives. I have loads to sort out for my own self !

Him : Nahi yaar, pata hona chahea ! It feels good …… …… …… aur bata !!!


Me : Cheque please !

What is this Aur Bata ? Why this craving to desperately peep into the private lives of everyone else. How insecure can a person be to want to gossip about the failures or accomplishments in others lives.  Are you taking inspirations from either – NO you’re  not ! You aren’t really paying attention to that part of the story. You are just killing time by talking about a living person as though their existence is the mere reason sun rose today.

Small talk is not healthy. Gossiping is addictive. All this deviates a person from their goals in life. You may say, well so does social media – it gives you a window to share your lives with others, give them a glimpse and when they want to know more, you say its gossiping !!!! Not fair. I say social media gives a person a platform to share as much information about themselves as they want to. It doesn’t licence other to dig out more just to satisfy their own emotional cavities. Who wore what, how many times they repeated the outfit, or the bag or the shoes – only clutters your own life ! The emotional burden you unknowingly carry due to the information you have from the lives of other’s is barring you from reaching the quality of life you want for yourself.

Here are links where you can find out some super successful celebrities who wore the some (looking) outfit daily, so their life wasn’t too clutters with taking decisions about irrelevant issues just to impress others. Rather they directed their energies towards adding value to their existence. Check them out :

download (11)

Declutter your mind ! Declutter from the mess of others; the burden is not yours to be borne. Clutter is not just a physical mess, it is also the mess of others that stresses our mind just by being their. Break-free from that mess, learn to let-go of information, like you have no memory of ever hearing it. We all have our own lives to live, but don’t just live each day to know what the others are doing; do something inspiring so that the idle others would want to know what you are doing today ! 

download (12)




Be the change you want to see ! 





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