Enjoy the challenge you are in today

images (19)When life throws a challenge at you… honestly you have quiet a few choices but very little time to make a decision. This decision can be a life altering moment, so think with a very clear head and don’t let emotions overshadow your ability to logically assess a situation.

We often get stuck in the loop of why me and we keep thinking and rethinking where we went wrong- why we are in the situation that we are in at the moment. But, hey we must learn to move on ! And move on swiftly. Your physical agility and inexhaustibility is what you need to put in practice at a testing situation like this in your life. Remember if you are in a challenging position it is because of one of these:

  • You are clueless.
  • You led yourself here !
  • You gave another, enough power over your life to lead you where you have landed yourself now.
  • You have the strength to deal with challenges and are willing to enhance your quality of life using this learning.

In my opinion, if you believe in the existence of a supreme power that controls, monitors and balances all living beings on this planet, then you are in this situation only because you were meant to go through the drill of refinement through hardships, to reach your ultimate goal which requires you to be a higher / experienced / polished/ refined / stronger / stable / mature/ accepting and giving being.

Now, enjoy the challenge you are in today, you may miss the excitement once you have reached your destined goal !




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