I am not Jack !!

“Easier said than done !!”.. is what I want to say, loud enough so the lady bickering my brain through this handset can get the message crystal clear.


Why is it so difficult for people to understand the term ‘No’ . It’s small, it’s simple, it’s easy and you may belong to any part of the world , you may have any accent –  No means No and it can very well be understood by all. You choose to not understand is a personality flaw you need to work upon.

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But some pestering colleagues never give up. It’s as though their job profile includes, looking for pushovers, they can pile-on their work to.! Unfortunately my dear colleague – you are wasting your time on this adamant Aquarian. I may choose to be polite with you – but; that’s only because I do not wish to let your negativity, influence the flavour of my day

In a day and age of specialists, we cant be “Jack of all, master of none” ! As mom’s we do juggle and play multiple rolls; we are the housekeepers, and the cooks, the plumbers and electricians too. We become the teachers, and the entertainers, plan your parties -play dates and all, but that’s a profile we embrace for the love of our child. Please make no mistake; I am no Jack, I have a special talent and I intent to only nurture that !! 

d9abf049cbf1fc956b3cf62d4cfb085bAs long as we have clarity of thought and direction, we have the power within ourselves to outline our strengths and outshine the nincompoops; unfortunately organisations sometimes place hierarchically above us. Learn to say no and accept only as much as you can deliver. Work because it brings joy in your life – creatively, emotionally and financially ! Else it’s time to rethink ! Hello LinkedIn 😉 






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