Savour your existence

Started my morning, with my daily chores – packing the baby off to school and rushing images (21)my way to work. Phew… what a race against time we parents have every morning ! The chaos, the morning madnessdoesn’t seem to be noisy any more. I manage to hear the birds humming, behind my own repetitive voice nudging my daughter to speed up the morning routine. I don’t miss the puddles; left over by the rain that relieved us briefly of the Delhi heat last night. I manage to look up at the sun and smile; before I bend down to enter my very own version of the famous “lighting McQueen” that relentlessly takes me to and fro completing each task daily !

These small things in life might not seem a big deal when their is a new change we are trying to normalise in our lives.. but each element, each sound, each color, each sensation, each taste and each expression makes us a little more alive !

download (13)Savour these moments, before they run out ! Savour your existence – trust me you are lucky you have the privilege to “own” your story; make it worth every second– influence someone – leave a mark ! For their will also be pain that we will have to savour with the same dignity & mark the pride we must feel in our own accomplishments.


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