Today, kids are technology savvy from a very young day and age. And it is normal and acceptable. But sometimes they manage to catch you completely off-guard.

How-to-Turn-Hey-Siri-on-you-iOS-deviceMy daughter, now 7 has been using Siri for a few years now. Initially she would fidget only, then she started interacting with Siri as though it was a real person, and eventually she got a hang of the utility of Siri. It went so far, that she actually gave me ‘the look’ , when I habitually – physically dialled a number (existing in my contacts) while driving !

Anyways, we got past me not using technology to its optimal ! Since, the school insisted that we get the kids familiar with a regular desktop and, a traditional keyboard/mouse, so I set up my laptop on her study table along with a wire mouse, a speaker to enhance the volume and a mic… just because I had one !

Being a working parent, I often miss out many crazy first’s… but we both have learnt to accept that my physical absence does not overshadow my omnipresence in her life on a daily basis. I gave my daughter, the basic gyan’ on how to use the laptop and what all she could do with it – Ms Word, Paintbrush, Chrome – You Tube, Solitaire… wondering if she would be able to do all this without my assistance.

Next evening ….

Me : Hi love, mumma is back how was your day !

Daughter : Hi Mom, I had a good day please come with me to my room I have to show you something (literally dragged me there… ^^)

Me : Let me breathe, freshen up, shower and eat then we’ll see what all you have been upto.

Daughter : No mom, right now !!! (frowning face) … pllllleaseeeee (puppy face)

Me : Fiiineeee, lets see…

So, she parks herself on her chair and switches on the laptop, I imagined she drew something on paintbrush she wanted to show me…Me not paying much attention and shifting my weight from one leg to the other, restless waiting to get done with this – I had to pee ! 🙄

Next she switches on the speakers and clicks on Chrome.

Me : What are you doing ?

Daughter : Please wait !!



(clicks on the speaker icon next to the search bar)

Daughter : Play song Lean On !! 


Me : (Suddenly she had all my attention) What ??

Daughter : (Smiling ( mocking smile), eyebrows up !)

Do you recall, not long ago
We would walk on the sidewalk?
Innocent, remember?
All we did was care for each other



Me : Who taught you to audio Google ? 😳

Daughter : (humming) No one ! …. I figured it on my own 🙂

Me : hmm… very cool !hero-dhp-chrome-mac.jpg

As a parent, I felt proud in that moment (after the preliminary shock) that my child was smart enough to figure out on her own how she could source information she needed. Believe me, my shock wasn’t about the search topic ( Lean On – Major Lazor or DJ Snake) ! Lean on was already on her play list a few months ago. I was surprised how fast these kids learn- they evolve; half a day with the laptop un-monitored and she could google, without the need to know the right spellings !

c1aed673f1a959abdcb3cc2059898c07.jpgYeah, I immediately put the parental control in place and cleared all past histories- my computer wasn’t my private space anymore. Gave my baby a big hug and a zillion kisses and excused myself to pee ! 😜

Just saying, cherish every precious little moment you have with your little munchkin. They grow-up just too fast and “every night I wish, she’d be small again and I could just scoop her up into my arms- kiss her, cuddle her, piggy back her and cradle her to sleep like she weighed nothing at all 😍 “



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