Fall of the Super’s

Who is a hero ?

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A person who we admire, a person who we look upto, a person we aspire to be like.. a person we know is watching over us while we sleep peacefully.

Where do we find hero’s ?

It’s the easiest to idolise a character from a movie and call them your hero’s. As children we often look upto our parents or older siblings and paint a heroic picture of them in our very impressionable minds.

What happens when a hero finally falls ?images (18)

Well… it’s a sad feeling to watch someone you idolise being defeated. When it happens to a movie character we say the movie is crap, or too depressing, or too negative – it’s a state of denial, where we do not want to acknowledge that our hero’s can be defeated. But when it happens in our families, we feel hurt, and pain because those are real relations. We accept this defeat as part of life – as a part of retirement – as a part of role reversal – and with renewed energies take on the role, to be the hero we once idolised !

logan-poster-203659-160x240Recently, I saw the much talked about movie, Logan. Obviously I am a die-hard sci-fi fan ! And I have always loved wolverine. The movie did make me feel sad to watch my hero all old, haggered, helpless, distressed, enraged, frustrated … the lack of inspiration and enthusiasm in his eyes was disheartening. It’s sad what loneliness can do even to the super’s. And why just this one movie, a similar state of our very loved spider-man, hulk, Mr. Incredible.. & many more has been portrait in previous movies.



It’s not easy being a ‘super’ – it’s not easy holding the spot high on the pedestal, where we place our hero’s, because that very spot at the top might look like the ultimate achievement, but that spot is the loneliest of them all. Often, there is place for only one at the top, and being the only one can be exciting in the beginning but lack of companionship catches-up eventually. hqdefault (1)Everyone needs a family, everyone wants to come back home and just be ‘me’. It can’t be a blessing to have super powers to save the world, but have no one super enough to share the beauties of the world with you.


Give your super’s a chance to be the vulnerable one’s, let them feel the love they deserve. Don’t isolate them in the idolism of their powers and duties. A super-dad, a super-mom, a super-hero all are super only because of their convection to give you a super-life. Make it super for them too !


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